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Uemura Koto, Shamisen School in Sapporo       





















ヘッディング 1

If you are interested in Japanese culture, especially music,  let's enjoy koto and shamisen with   us!     

You can play the koto sitting on a chair.

 You can have a trial lesson! 

Place:   Hokkaido, Sapporo-shi,

        Toyohira-ku, Nishioka 4jou 

Fee: Admission fee→5,000 yen

        Monthly fee→6,000 yen ~

          *Private lesson

     * Four lessons per month

          * 1 lesson = about 1 hour


Profile:  Name / Masayo Uemura  


    stage name: Uemura Gaei


  Affiliation / Ikuta-ryu,





札幌の琴教室・三味線教室(箏教室/三絃教室)・・・生田流正派 1

ヘッディング 1

Mail address and phone number:    



☎ / 090-2879-1852


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